Welcome to the Australian Hellenic Council

The Australian Hellenic Council is the peak representative body of the Australian Hellenic Community. It is made up of the secretariats of the Hellenic Councils of each of Australia’s States and Territories.

Each State and Territory Hellenic Council is in turn made up of representatives from Hellenic community organizations including regional brotherhoods and educational, welfare and youth organizations. Read More

The Australian Hellenic Council, together with the Greek Orthodox Community of New South Wales, has come out in strong opposition to the Federal Government’s proposed changes to the Racial Discrimination Act.

Left to RightKathy Kouvas, Tom Christopoulos, Patrick Voon (Australian Chinese Forum), Steve Georgiou, Luke Song (Korean Society of Sydney), Sophie Cotsis (NSW MLC), Dimitrios Kametopoulos, Katina Nicholas, Andrew Tsounis (Rockdale Councillor), Sotirios Tsouris (Cyprus Community), Peter Wertheim (Executive Council of Australian Jewry), Mersina Tonys-Soulos, George Vellis (Australian Hellenic Council), Nia Karteris, George Vardas, Harry Danalis (Greek Orthodox Community), Michael Tsilimnos.