About the Australian Hellenic Council

The Australian Hellenic Council is the peak representative body of the Australian Hellenic Community. It is made up of the secretariats of the Hellenic Councils of each of Australia’s States and Territories.

Each State and Territory Hellenic Council is in turn made up of representatives from Hellenic community organizations including regional brotherhoods and educational, welfare and youth organizations.

The Council’s purpose is two-fold:

  • the promotion of closer political, cultural and economic relations between Australia, Greece and Cyprus; and
  • the pursuit of issues which are of concern to the Australian Hellenic community, both domestic and international.

To this end, the Australian Hellenic Council strives to:

  • Safeguard the political, economic, religious, educational and cultural rights, status and interests of Australians of Hellenic descent;
  • Promote unity of endeavour and action within the Australian Hellenic community;
  • Encourage and promote a better understanding of Hellenism within Australia’s multicultural society;
  • Intensify the bonds of Australians of Hellenic descent with other Hellenic communities around the world; and
  • Represent and act on behalf of the Australian Hellenic Community before any government or other authority on issues of strategic significance.