Alexander Award


In 2010, the AHC (NSW) inaugurate the Alexander Award to recognise the achievements of Australian Hellenes who have made a significant contribution to Australian society.

Named for King Alexander III of Macedon, the award brings to mind the leadership he displayed in the spread of Hellenic civilisation throughout the known world during and following the short reign of the man recorded in history as Alexander the Great. ‘Alexandros’ translates as 'protector or leader of man'.

His legacy included the foundation of cities throughout the eastern Mediterranean and Middle East, the establishment of Hellenic education and the rule of law, along with the introduction of Hellenic custom such as theatre and gymnasia.

The AHC (NSW) Alexander Award therefore, is presented to prominent Australian Hellenes who have displayed similar leadership in a range of fields within Australian society: politics, education, consumer rights, essential public services, the environment, taxation, and more.

Each recipient of the Alexander Award is presented with a representation in glass of Alexander the Great's profile on a silver coin of Lysimachus, minted 321-281 BCE.

Alexander Award Recipients




Reason for nomination

2010 Senator Nick Xenophon (South Australia) For services to Australia